#1 Reason Why the Longest Migration is Worth it



Bird migration is an interesting phenomena.


The arctic tern is no exception.  


In recent years, scientists have discovered that the arctic tern flies twice as far as they originally thought. The round trip migration clearly revealed that this little 4 oz. bird flies 44,000 miles per migration cycle.


Scientist placed a little transmitter (only 1/20th of an ounce) on the leg of 29 birds.  The micro transmitter divulged the real flight pattern of the arctic tern.  The transmitter signals revealed that the tern flies in a zigzag pattern.  The pattern of migration is now known  arctic terns follows their food source and time their arrival when the food is the most abundant.


This is one long migration almost twice the distance around planet Earth.  But there is a longer migration and it is so important.


Jesus migrated to planet Earth to give us an example of who God the Father really is.  Jesus wanted to show us the love of God and give every person born on this planet and opportunity to migrate with Him to heaven when He returns to call His children home.  


The longest migration, Jesus coming to Earth is worth it, because He is giving you and me the opportunity to live in heaven with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for all eternity.  If Jesus hadn’t migrated to Earth for the short 33 years, then we wouldn’t have the opportunity to live with God and be His children forever.  This migration is worth it.  I’m so glad He did, aren’t you?